Tuesday, April 28, 2009

31-door longhouse gutted in fire

A 31-door longhouse was razed to the ground about noon two days ago. 27 intermediate doors were completely destroyed while 4 other separate units were partly damaged.

The fire was believed to have started from one of the intermediate units, and spreaded speedily to the other units, leaving the residents no opportunity to salvage their belongings. Fanned by the strong wind and the dry spell, the fire took less than half an hour to consume the wooden longhouse.

Firemen rushed to the scene but could not save anything because the whole structure was already reduced to ashes by the time they arrived.

An elderly woman said she was cooking in the kitchen when she was alerted of the fire by her four-year old grandson who was playing alone in the living room.

Millions of dollars worth of properties had been lost in the fire. But no one was injured except an elderly man who suffered burns.

Incidents like this happened when there were strong wind and dry spell. But the worse scenario happened in the middle of the night when many people were burnt to death. Everyone wept and wailed and mourned. These were sad and pitiful sights.

The LORD gives and the LORD takes Away. Let's humbly accept the painful fact and start afresh.


Joe-ann said...

This is so sad. God never wants us to be in pain. He just allows everything to happen for a reason. Hope the victims will have the strength needed to go on.

khitara said...

yes.. this is reality.. but what ever it that is happening we know that God means well. :-)