Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Lifestyle

Some people among us enjoy living a simple lifestyle.

They do their daily routine unhurriedly but always in time.

They wake up early, slowly tidy up their bed and get their room cleaned.

They spending their sweet time washing up and then make themselves a nice hot drink.

They always keep a friendly and cheerful face.

And they are always ready with a smile.

They never stop greeting their family members, friends and neighbors with kind words and a caring heart.

They do their work responsibly, yet enjoying every minute of it.

Nothing seems to perturb them and disrupt their usual routine.

Everyone around is satisfied with their work and no one complains about them. They can really be counted upon.

Their day passes by smoothly and quickly and they are always satisfied.

Now they are ready for their evening walk, shopping or visiting their neighbors and friends.

They have no enemies, not one.

Misunderstandings and differences seem very easily settled with their kind attitude and composure.

In the evening they have their usual meal and entertainments.

Then they are ready to go to bed.

They sleep early and soundly with sweet dreams.

Everything runs smoothly everyday.

And they are always hopeful for a fresh new day.

I wish I'm like them.

I really admire them.

They really know how to enjoy their simple lifestyle.

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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I think the duck is smiling!