Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life Is Not Just Work

Some of us when we are working, we don't care about any other things. We don't want to move away from our workplace. And we pay undivided attention to our work. We just want to get our work done well.

We don't want to be disturbed. Nothing and no one must stand in our way when we work or something bad will happen.

We don't want to talk. We just want to concentrate on our task at hand. We don't want to waste time on talking any other thing. No one must talk or make noise when we are doing some "important" work.

We don't even look up and smile. Our aging parents, our spouse, our children and our loved ones eagerly anticipate a little attention from us. But we just cannot squeeze out a simple smile. How sad.

We don't even have time with our family, relatives and friends. We don't waste time on petty talks. We don't waste time on a little game with our children. We don't want a quiet moment with our spouse or a few kind words to our aging parents. We don't care about relaxing and a simple coffee-break with our friends.......

We don't have time to exercise. We no longer enjoy our leisure time. We don't go for a mountain hike or a walk on the beach. We don't enjoy window shopping, watching movie or playing some games. We always look so tense, so stressful and easily agitated.

We don't have time to meditate and pray. We neglect our quiet moment with God. We forget the ultimate source of inspiration. And we never go for any gathering and fellowship.

It is good to get serious in all we do. But to neglect our loved ones because of our insistence and indulgence in our work is uncalled for.

Don't throw away a relationship because of our work.

Don't neglect our physical needs because of our work.

Don't neglect our family, relatives, friends, and our social groups because of our work.

Don't neglect the time for leisure and exercise because of our work.

Don't neglect our quiet time with God because of our work.

And don't ever neglect anyone and anything important in life because of our work.

Enjoy work and enjoy life to the fullest.

After all, life is not just work.


Doug Kueffler said...

Yep. This makes me feel pretty guilty. Pretty much describes my entire life.

Laiza said...

Thanks for this reminder! :) It is said that "we work in order to live but not live in order to work". Let's enjoy life and not be consumed by WORK!

Do try to visit my site if you have time. Thanks.

Bellar said...

Fully agree with you. The most important thing in this life is "the balance". Balance creates happiness.

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