Sunday, July 19, 2009

If Only We Care

I was stunned when a heavy book landed on my head that day.

It was my form teacher who gave me the heavy blow.

I was a good class monitor and I managed my class well. My form teacher was just not happy with my academic achievements that fell far below his expectation.


It was not the physical pain that I had to endure that day.

It was the disappointed look on my form teacher's face that stunned me.

Tears swelled up in my eyes. No, no... They were not allowed to drop to my face.

Gritting my teeth and looking blanking at him, I spoke to my heart that I would prove him wrong.

Soon the school bell rang and I squeezed out a smile to everyone....


Since then, I was always the top three in my class. Then I was always the top three in my form. And then I excelled in my school examinations and public examinations.

No, no... My form teacher did not apologize for his action.

But my confidence and my friendly look always made him greeted me with a smile.

I was able to walk tall and proud because of my form teacher.

No, no... I couldn't and wouldn't condone his way of punishment.

But I thanked him very much for waking me up from my lethargy....


It was many years later after I had become a secondary school teacher that I realized that it was not easy for him to punish me that day.

He could have punished me using another way. But my stubbornness and rebellion must have given him hard time that he was provoked to land what was handy on my head.


Sometimes some sorts of corrective measures must be carried out to bring up a child properly.

A stern look, a lifting of the hand, or a rise in the voice sometimes is good enough for an obedient child.

An encouraging word, a pat on the shoulder or back, a small token or reward sometimes can do wonder to an active and rebellious child.

A warning, a disclosure of your past failure, or a closer analysis and examination of the issue at hand can help innocent and ignorant child to avoid pitfall.


But the sad fact is that most of us only take corrective measures when it is too late.

We have to scream and shout with anger to get our voice heard.

We have to threaten and intimidate with bodily injury to make them obey.

We have to visit our children in detention because of house breaking, extortion, theft, rapes and other wrong doings.

We have to deal with children with alcoholic, smoking, and drug problems.

We have to visit our children with long jail sentences or witness their execution....


If only we care, we can make a lot of difference.

If only we care, we can save them from all these punishments.

If only we care......[sigh]