Saturday, April 2, 2011

Women Protection

Many women feel that they are weak and vulnerable; They often think that they are not safe enough wherever they are or wherever they go. It is a true fact that being a weaker sex, women are often bothered, bullied and attacked by bad guys who prey on them. But they needn't have to be so. There are always some guides and tips that women can use to protect themselves to some extent.

It is necessary for women to always look confident in public places. They must walk around and behave confidently. Usually people wouldn't disturb and assault women who have an air of confidence. Even in unfamiliar places, women must always act as if they are familiar with the place. Women who look scared, nervous, and weak have often become easy targets.

It is also necessary for women to learn to be sensitive to their surroundings. They must pay attention to how and where they walk, what they say or do; they must beware of the surrounding people and happenings, etc. In short, they must pay attention to everything around them.

It would be good if women can avoid walking alone in unfamiliar places, especially during the night. There are many incidents of these sorts of assault in the mass media.

It would be good if women can carry along some sorts of weapon. A whistle, a pepper spray, a stun gun, a walking stick, or even a heavy handbag or purse can be a great help in times of troubles. It may be helpful if they can take along a dog too.

It would be good for women to learn some martial arts. They must learn of the various vital points of attack, like kicking between the legs, giving a strong punch on the nose, etc. Yelling, shouting, and running into crowded areas will help too.

Of course, there are many other things and methods that women can use to protect themselves to some extent. They may not be effective sometimes. But at least, they are great helps in times of need.

Above all, it is best that women try not to be alone in isolated places. And it would be good if they have some sorts of protection and a cell phone to inform others of their whereabouts.

It is best that women learn to be careful; the world is not safe for them.

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