Friday, April 8, 2011

Talking With Younger People

Conversations between different age groups often lead to problems and troubles because of misunderstanding and conflicts of ideas.

We start off with a common topic that we are interested in. We speak freely and openly about it. But the moment we delve deeper and wider into the topic, we find that we have problems understanding one another because of historical, religious, cultural, ethnic etc. backgrounds.

As the older generation, sometimes we do feel very old talking about modern interests and goals. And the younger people seem not to have interest listening to what we have to say. Are we really that old to talk about modern trends and developments?

I believe as we grow older, we must really read up and familiarize ourselves with the latest technologies and practical applications. Time is changing and we must move forward toward it. There is no end to knowledge and information, and we must not give up but continue to keep track.

As older people, we must learn to be wiser and cleverer, and keep pace with the latest developments and trends. We need not feel uneasy; they are just new ways of doing old things. There is nothing really that difficult that older people cannot do at all.

I always look forward to meet and talk with the younger people. I don't believe I am too old to talk to them. I just need a little more reading and thinking, and try to follow the latest trends and fashions. I am not that old after all.

So the next time when we start conversation with the younger people, remember, we are not incapable to speak with them. In fact, we can still be a good guide to them even in the new things. Remember, we are definitely wiser and more experienced than them.

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