Thursday, April 14, 2011

Avoiding The Job

When given more tasks, some people will grumble, mumble, and complain. It seems very unreasonable for them to be given the extra burden when other individuals are relaxing and laughing away. They would show their unhappy faces throughout the day and it would be difficult to go near them without facing any trouble. But if others are given the tasks, they would smile and laugh from behind. They feel fortunate that they are not the victims.

In a big organization we often need people to help do the jobs when certain individuals are unable to come to work. There are datelines to meet, reports to submit, project to complete. The jobs cannot be delayed; someone or someones must help accomplish the tasks.

It can be stressful when we have colleagues who cannot work as a team. Often, there are quarrels and fights, envy and jealousy, backbiting and slandering, attacking and sabotaging, etc. They form cliques and groups, and are unwilling to work with others.

Often, we have the quiet people who will faithfully and unfailing accomplish most of the tasks in the organization. They would accept the extra burden with a willing heart and a welcoming spirit. They work for the organization and that is what they are paid to do, and they are happy and satisfied.

Sitting at one corner, I am asking myself which group I belong. Would I continue to do what I am told or would I rebel? If so, then who will do the job?

The policy makers are having heartache, so are the various working committees. More works are to be done, but many are unwilling. Someone must do the task, I told myself, and offer a helping hand.

Someone must do the job. Would that be you?

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