Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Man Is An Island

No man is an island. It is difficult to imagine someone living in a remote place alone for a long time, without family and friends supports. Life can really be miserable when we have to live and do everything on our own.

But then, that is what some of us are. We work far away from our home, and some of us have hardly seen home for months and years. We seldom can take leave because of the busy work schedule and the demanding nature of the job. And some of us cannot ask for a short holiday because it takes us days to reach home and come back again.

But then, when opportunity comes knocking, and when we have someone around who can shoulder our responsibilities, we finally can make a trip home. Imagine the excitements and expectations of going home to see our family and friends. it is really marvelous!

But I have a few colleagues that don't seem to have a home. They are always around the workplace every single day, including weekends and holidays. They are always seen doing things on their own; very seldom can we see them interacting and communicating with others.

Life can be difficult to define when we are without our family and friends, and it can be very frustrating, slow, and hard when we have problems socializing and enjoy the company of people. But then, we still see some people around who prefer to live alone.

Some of my colleagues are reaching their retirement age. I don't know where they will go after this. They don't seem to have family and friends, and I believe it will be difficult for them to leave their familiar workplace. I can't imagine how they will fare after this. Some of those who have retired did come back to visit us; there was a tinge of sadness in their eyes.

No man is an island. Sooner or later we will realize and acknowledge it. But just how many of us learned it only when it was too late?

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