Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chasing Dreams

It is nice to know that our children are doing well in school, that they are studying really hard for their future. It is very pleasing and encouraging to hear that they score in their tests and exams, and that they are receiving prizes in the school prize giving day.

I am proud and happy to know that my children are doing well in their studies. Thinking back, I enjoyed seeing them spending time on their own, reading, studying, and practicing on their school works and activities.

As parents, we have facilitated their studies. We have provided them everything they need and want in their academic pursuit; we have given them careful attention, motivation, inspiration and encouragement; we have given them emotional, instructional, behavioral, spiritual, and provisional supports. And there they are, standing tall, proud, and strong in front of us.

Now that they are given scholarships to further their studies, I am very proud of them. Without their efforts and the government sponsorship, I would not have been able to send them to renowned and well-respected universities to study. But there they are, they have finally arrived!

I have less worry about their jobs and future, now that they are do well in the universities. I continue to advise and communicate with them. My prayer and hope is that they will continue to do well, and work hard for their dreams and succeed.

Oh yes! They will still need my concern, care, and compassion; they will still need my attentions, prayers, and supports. And I will continue to supply and support them.

They may need a shoulder to cry and lean on, a pair of good listening ears, a sharp mind to advice, or a hug to help their heavy hearts, etc. I will do just that. Oh yes! I will.

When the bird is ready to fly, we must let it fly, and we must let it fly high, soar up to the sky. We will send our best wishes, our hopes, our prayers, our supports, etc., to them, and we will continue to watch over them and be ready to help them.


They are ready to fly....

And we must let them fly...

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