Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is This A Good Year?

It is only the beginning of May. But many of us are feeling the stress and strain of everyday living. I can't resist but ask you these questions: How is your year going so far? Is this year a good or bad year for you?

For some of us, this is definitely a difficult question to answer. How do you define "good" or "bad" year? I really have no definite answer. I believe this very much depends on what the individual thinks.

But with the economic hardships that many of us are facing right now, it is definitely not a good year. The cost of fuel has increased greatly, so are the total expenditure on goods and services. With the high rate of unemployment and under employment, it is no surprise that many find it very difficult to make ends meet.

How about those countries with a lot of natural catastrophes? This is definitely not a good year for them. Many have suffered and died, and many are left to mourn for their loved ones. And for those who live in disasters prone areas, their lives would be filled with fear, anxiety, and hopelessness.

For those who have to deal with high housing, education and medical costs, this is definitely not a good year. Many housewives are now doing full time jobs or part time jobs, to help cover the costs.

How about you? Are you under the enormous pressure of life? How do you cope with it?

As for me, I do feel the pinch; it is really stressful and hard to cope with them all. But life must go on...

Hopefully the second half of the year is a good year.

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