Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Have Problem Sleeping

I wonder what you would do when you can't fall asleep. I have tried many methods, but have yet to find an effective method for me. Some people said that they have workable remedies for sleeping problems, and they claim that they work well for them. I don't know; I am still searching for mine, and I have a hard time believing what they said.

I remembered when we were young, we seldom had problem sleeping. Sleep came easy and it was always a sound and deep sleep. A simple children's story, a gentle pat on the back, some body massage, a favorite song or tune etc., and soon we would fall into sweet and deep sleep.

But now when life is more complicated with its many ifs and maybes and buts, problems and troubles can drive us crazy at times. As a result, we are unsettled and unstable, and often have problems doing what we want to do...

When we are emotionally stressed out and exhausted, sleep sometimes eludes us. We would have a hard time wondering what to do to make us fall asleep.

When we are physically drained and fatigued, sleep can be overly exhausting too. And we end up having headache and body aches.

I don't know what to do every time when sleep eludes me. I would look at the blank walls and walk around from one corner to the other. I only hope that it wouldn't be long before I can fall to sleep again.

Maybe sleeping is a gift from God. It is God who puts us to sleep and it is He who would wake us up.

Maybe we need to pray to Him and learn to live in peace with our heart.

Oh sleep... sweet sleep.... Why do you elude me tonight?


SonnyJim said...

Reading is a good way to get tired enough to fall asleep. I've also found that trying to have the same sleeping/waking up schedule every day of the week seems to help too. It regulates our internal clock.

I agree though. I miss sleeping like I did when I was a kid. I could sleep 15 hours with no problem and wake up energized and ready to go. said...

Thanks, my friend. A good reading habit and a proper sleeping schedule will surely help. I think what I lack is good discipline.