Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Believe My Way

I was asked many times before if I believe in psychic power, astrology or predestination. Or let me put it in another way, a simpler way: Do I believe in destiny? My answer is always "Yes"... and "No".

I would rather say and claim that I believe in myself. I believe it is my own thoughts, my own feelings, my own doings, and my own everything that determine what I do and how I should live in this world. I believe it is up to me to decide on what I should do when it comes to dealing with my everyday situation in life.

I can't deny it; I believe in destiny too. I believe in God who is all powerful, all knowing and all loving, who constantly controls and monitors me and my being on the earth.

But one thing I hold true: I believe in changing my destiny; I believe by working harder and smarter, by seeing things in a newer and better perspective, and by doing things in a timely and organized way, I may be able to change the outcomes, claim more victories, and achieve greater successes and happiness in life.

There are many people who would depend on astrology, horoscope, feng shui, palm reading, divination etc. to rule and control their lives and destiny. But I would rather listen to my own thinking, understanding, and reasoning; I would rather have my own faith and beliefs, my own instinct and intuition, etc. when I am to deal with my life and destiny.

I don't claim to be perfect, or is able to achieve perfection in this life. But one thing I do: I will continue to work hard and adapt to various changes, and make my life a better life.

I will never be perfect in all my thoughts, feelings, doings, and everything...

And I may not be able to face and tackle every problem or difficulty in life...

But I think I will be more satisfied, contented, and happy...

... if I can work everything out my own way.

I believe in myself... I still do.

I believe in destiny... I believe in God.

But I believe it my way!


Karen and Gerard said...

I believe in God's way. He holds my future! said...

Hi Karen,
Nice to hear from you again.
You are right. Ultimately it is the Lord God Who determines my life. Thanks.