Saturday, May 21, 2011

Women Fighting On The Street

On a few occasions, I had seen some women quarreling over the love of a man on a busy street. There were many bystanders, curious as to know what's next. The man would just stand there, pleading with his two girls not to fight against one another on the street, and bringing embarrassments to the three of them. But the two women would not listen to him, and the fight eventually began.

The two women might be very close sisters or cousins, very good friends since childhood, or probably the next door neighbors. It was very unpleasant to see them pointing finger and hear them shouting and screaming at one another in public, with the crowds to cheer them on.

Women fight can be very furious with no rules, and they wouldn't giving up till the end. And sometimes, they even have to be separated by the crowd.

I am no fan of women fighting on the street; I never understand why many people like to watch and cheer and jeer when they see women quarrel and fight.

Sometimes, I turned my attention to the man with angry looks. I just couldn't understand why he must have the two women at the same time. Wasn't it enough just to fall in love with one of them? Then I would query myself as to why the two sisters, cousins, very good friends or neighbors must fight one another on a busy street over a man. What was so special about this man?

Would you fight on a street over a man/woman? Is it all that necessary? As for me I would just leave the relationship. There are more things to do than fighting over a man or a woman. Besides, there are many eligible candidates out there waiting for us to give our hands.

Fighting on a busy street is definitely not my kind of thing; I would never do it. I would never fight over a man or woman who doesn't have his/her total love on me.

Do you enjoy watching women fighting on the street? Do you enjoy hearing all those screaming and shouting at one another? Do you enjoy all the pulling, scratching, or tearing one another's clothes in public? Oh no! That is too much for me. I would never be ready for it.

Oh! Women fighting on the busy street...


Star-chuu said...

When I trapped my x-hubby with his other woman, I never think to fight with her. Instead, I talked to his woman and thank her because I recovered my freedom. Never in my mind to fight those woman, its useless, they can't learn a lesson if you fight with them. Until now, I am still a good friend of my x-hubby'w what's wrong of that?? at least, they had felt shame and realized it by themselves why I leave my x-hubby with them. Ended, I am happy now, no worries, and I am enjoying my life with my love ones. Thanks for this another nice story yeo Kee. said...

Thanks, Star-chuu.

You are always welcome.