Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rearing Fish In A Cement Pond

Recently my brother-in-law helped us to construct a raised cement pond at the back of our house.

According to him, we can rear many different types of freshwater fish for our own consumption. In view of the present economic recession and the high cost of living, the idea strucks a chord in our heart and we are excited. And we promptly agreed.

The cement pond was ready in two days. We made sure that it was totally dry. Then we filled it with water and drained it a few times.

We are very interested to rear the red tilapia fish. It has a lot of meat and the meat is very tender and delicious. And our family just love them very much. Besides, some of our friends have told us that it is not so difficult to rear.

My brother-in-law supplied us with many red tilapia fry. The children were very excited.

We enjoyed watching the little fishes swimming in the pond. Once in a while, our dog also stood up near the pond and looked at the fishes.

Some of our friends have reared many different types of freshwater fish in raised cement ponds. Some of them made a decent living with the fish they reared. I wonder if this is a new method to rear fish. But I do find it very interesting and convenient.

There are still many things to learn about rearing fish in the backyard. But one thing I am sure, watching at the many fish swimming around does help to reduce my work stress.


Free Online Marketing Solution said...

I thought it is much better in yielding them in the natural habitat.

This is beneficial.

ROSILIE said...

it is always refreshing to look at fishes. makes your mind go floating too.

Kikit said...

What a bright idea!

jim-experience said...

very good.....its a good thing you did there.
how big is the pond ? and how many fries you have in it ?

do post your results after 3 moths..the tilapias should be about 600-700g. said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm still new in this hobby. Hope to be able to provide more details soon.