Friday, May 22, 2009

Apples Of The Eyes.

I am proud of my children and I love them very much. They are the apples of my eyes, the joy of my heart, and the loves of my life. I can't help thinking of them most of the time for they are always in my mind. And my wife and I have promised to dedicate our life just for them.

Sometimes they can be real pains in the back. They can make us very angry when they are stubborn. They refuse to listen to reasons and always insist on their own way. In their younger years when they were below 10, we used to cane them, more so when they retaliated. But we made up our mind to tell them the reasons before each stroke. We still reason with them now, but a stern look or a louder voice is enough to back them off a little. Sometimes we do sigh and cry behind after the punishment. But that is how we bring our children up.

Sometimes they can be real nuisance especially when we are seriously doing something important. They will come near us, inquiring what we are doing and pester us to allow them to help. When we say no, they will still stay put and make a lot of noise. Sometimes they chuckles at our serious faces and start to make fun of us. In their younger days, we would scream at them, wanting them to back off. But they always came back when they had nothing to do. Thinking back, sometimes I miss the moments; it's really sweet.

Sometimes they just make us scream when they are quarrelsome and refuse to live in harmony. In their younger days, we would separate them and gave them the appropriate punishment. Now they seldom quarrel but love to tease one another, including their father.

Now they have grown up. Two of them are ready to further their studies away from home. The youngest child is seriously preparing herself for the lower secondary examination. The double storey terrace house look extraordinary quiet...

Yeah, we miss our children and we miss our home. But they are ready to fly and soar high up in the sky. ..

Nevertheless, they will always be the apples of our eyes.


Tina T said...

My boys still have several more years at home, but it is amazing how quickly it goes. They can be frustrating and they always ask why we have so many rules. I tell them they will be glad one day when they are responsible, well-mannered men, even though for us the house will be very lonely once they reach adulthood.

Anonymous said...

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Ruchi said...


This reminds me of a little note I dedicated to my dad on his b'day this year!!

You can find it here: