Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can't Be Postponed Any Longer

Lately I have noticed a lot of stressful faces when visiting a hypermarket or a shopping mall.

Things are getting more and more expensive, though the authorities have taken various effective measures to curb the price hikes. Every weekend, many families are spending hundreds of dollars just to buy the bare necessities.

The rich and the carefree are still their usual self, buying things according to their desires and tastes. But the poor and the destitute really feel the pinches, choosing and buying the things they really need with their meager income, and sometimes have to deal with the various requests of their little ones. Many times you can see them sighs deeply, taking up the things and putting them back again.

The majority of us are still learning to adjust our shopping habits. Sometimes we still spend extravagantly beyond our means, causing more disputes and conflicts among our family members.

Many of us are still unable to cut down our usual expenditure. We talk about making priorities in our spending. We talk about buying according to our shopping list. We talk about spending in accordance to our means. But the moment we enter the hypermarket or the shopping mall, we forget everything, and just shop according to our whims and fancies.

"What to do? Everything we buy is necessary and can't be postponed any longer." That is always our common excuse. How sad.

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