Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Best Is Not The Best

If I am able to go back to the past, will I be able to make amends to all my wrongs? Will I be able to make all the changes necessary for a better and successful lifestyle?

Sitting down quietly at one corner, admiring others who have cultivated warmer friendships and fellowships, who have lived better lifestyles and enjoy better material conditions and privileges, who have achieved higher and better academic and professional qualifications, or who have developed mature personalities and characters, or who have made better decisions in their lives. Oh God! How I wish I can change my pasts...

But even if I am given a time machine to go back, can I make amends?

After much contemplation, I finally realize that I can't, because my best is not the best.

Even if God lets me go back to my pasts, I will only do more wrongs.

Even if God allows me to make amends, I will never be satisfied. The rich will never be happy with their wealth, the clever will yearn for more wisdom, and those who strive hard to purify themselves by abstaining from doing evil are still bogged down by their many hidden sins...

No, my best will never be able to please God because my best is not the best.

And so I submit myself to God the Almighty who have carried me through my pasts despite the fact that I have failed Him and wronged Him many times, and who continues to take care of me despite my ever rebellions and stubbornness, and who will always watch over me and chastise me until He brings me home to Him.

Lord, my best is not the best, but You love me.

Thank You.


Secondary Roads said...

Yes my friend, we are each "a work in progress." Like it says on the button, PBPWMGINFWMY (Please be patient with me. God is not finished with me yet.)
-- Chuck

Sandi said...

very good post and so very true. I also think I have learned from past mistakes. It has made me who I am and taught me many lessons. If I take away those things, then I take away what I have learned from them too.

Monica said...

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. But I learn from them and move forward.. ;-)

Kikit said...

No room for regrets, only realizations. :)