Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Go And Sleep

When we are physically tired, the best thing to do is to sleep. Sleeping helps to relax our body and aid the relief of aching and tense muscles. Sleeping helps to stretch and loosen the muscles, and revive our body. Sleeping gives our body ample opportunity to recover.

When we are mentally and emotionally stressful, the best thing to do is to sleep. It helps us to examine the issues at hand in a newer light. It refreshes and helps us to see our problems in a wider and fuller perspective. It helps to relax our mind and bring down our emotional temperature. It helps to develop more critical and creative thinking. Decision making after a good rest or sleep can be very considerate and rewarding.

Sometimes I wonder why I have resorted to smoking and binging in the past every time I have troubles. Can smoking and binging on alcohol help to keep me calm, relieving stress and nervousness? Can indulgence in junk food and drink, and driving recklessly and speedily help to make me numb and forget about all the depressing feelings? In fact, I have severed many family ties and friendships because of my self-indulgence and self-importance. And it is shameful and disgusting to list them all.

And so today I keep on reminding myself, just as my friends use to do, "Go and sleep, and tomorrow will be a better day."

Yeah, sleeping is the best and ultimate solution......


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Sleeping is good--it not only refreshes but getting enough sleep is helpful in maintaining good health and is also when our long-term memory is loaded.

liza said...

Good tip! It helps you think better after you've had sleep.

Btw, thank you so much for being a top dropper at Mommy's Little Corner.