Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Son Has High Fever

That day when you were two, you had a very high fever. They said you had fainted for a while. Your mouth was tightly closed. I didn't know what else to do but to dig into your mouth. I remembered you bit me hard and I could still see your teeth mark on my forefinger. Then you screamed and cried in tears. We rushed you to the local clinic where the nurses took off all your clothes and washed you with cold water under a full blast ceiling fan. We were really scared and we cried silently.

The hospital assistant advised us to bring you to the nearest hospital which we promptly complied. By evening, we had you in the hand of a good doctor. You were warded that night and your mom accompanied you.

People around were telling us of the possibility of brain damage. Oh, how we prayed for you that night. I remembered you just refused to put on the hospital clothes. Son, I understand, you are just as stubborn as your father.

The next day, you had a thorough check-up. The doctor was satisfied that you were okay though he kept on asking us how long you had fainted. But he still insisted that you stayed another night in the hospital. But you just screamed and cried. I remembered your mom was in tears holding you tight to stop you from struggling. The doctor finally decided to let go of you after much persuasions.

You recovered fast and you grew fast....

You are a bright boy and we are very proud of your academic achievements and all your undertakings.

Now that you are pursuing your study in a higher institution, we know that God has prepared something great and special for you.

Son, we will always pray for you.


Kikit said...

What a loving and proud dad! You put into words the exact feeling of a parent every time his/her child is sick. And as long as parents like you are existing, children will always feels secured. :)

jim-experience said...

hope your angle gets better soon

Twilight Zone said...

lovely and nice to hear this story from a proud father,by the way hes very cute then huh!

turisuna said...

You must be very proud of your son, as if I can make my dad proud of me, most of time I just make him angry. I'm a girl but just same stubborn as my father, that's why we often get argue.