Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Appreciate Life

Sometimes life can be terribly bored and tired.

It’s time to think up ways to decorate our lives.

Putting on new clothing, wearing bead, silver or gold ornaments or some rare and expensive jewelry will be perfect; it adds the flair of feminine beauty to our life and style.

Changing our ways, habits and mindsets may also help; it boosts our confidence and morale, our self-esteem and self-worth.

Some prefer to alter and transform their environments; a new workplace and a new life will be nice.

But there are times when we just can’t afford all these luxuries.

But we need not be despaired if we learn to appreciate life.

Take a careful look outside the window and enjoy the beautiful scene will be nice; it helps to calm down emotion and feeling, clear the mind and help us think straight, strike a balance in our life and help us learn to be positive.

The world around us is filled with wonderful examples.

An old tree trunk with big and deep roots tells us how it has withstood the weathers.

The little flowers over the wilderness tell us how they have lived life to the fullest even in such short lifespan and in so difficult a condition.

The laborers working under the scorching hot sun remind us how they have sweated and toiled so much to help meet their ends; just look at their broad and satisfying smiles.

We need not be self-pity, always feeling sorry for ourselves.

We may not have a comfortable and conducive environment, but we can still appreciate and enjoy what we have; we may not have beautiful clothing, ornaments, and jewelry, but we can still appreciate and enjoy on what we put on.

Life is not so much what we have, but how we appreciate what we have; it is not so much what we possess; but what we do with what we have.

Naked we come and naked we go, and we just can’t take the world away with us.

The world always remains, though increasingly wicked and is heading towards destruction.

But we disappear into thin air and have to give an account of our lives to the Almighty God.

The fact remains, what sort of impact have we made in our life?

Appreciate life while we still live is all that matters.

We may not have all that we have wanted, but we can still appreciate our lives, and other people’s lives, and the beautiful world we live.

Live life and live it to the fullest!

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