Friday, July 30, 2010

A Paper Boat

When I was small, I was taught how to make a paper boat. Then I put it in the drain and watched it sail. Then I followed, and smiled, feeling very satisfied.

When I had grown, sometimes I imagined that I was a seaman; I wanted to sail, far far away; away from boredom and loneliness, away from misery and unpleasant surroundings.

I was made to realize that everyone has problems, and we are to deal and live with problems. And that is how life becomes more realistic and cruel.

The time comes when problems abound and there is no clear solution in sight. We become agitated and irritated. We struggle and fight along the way, sometimes we crumble from within, and we are left uncertain and unsure as to what to do next.

Sometimes, the ability and the willingness to lay aside our problems, and the readiness to do other things first, can be a great help.

But sometimes, no matter what we do and what amount of work we put into, we continue to feel the pinch, bear the blame and just can’t settle down.

Some suggest taking a walk in a garden or a park. It is refreshing and exciting to behold how nature works in peace and harmony; how everything everywhere is so unselfish and try to work as one for the benefits of all. No petty arguments, ugly disputes, and unnecessary conflicts. If only we can live and work together…..

Some suggest taking a stroll along the seaside, watching the wide sea of rolling wave; studying how strong and incessant are their impacts against the cliffs and rocks. Then we will be made to realize just how weak and tiny we are compare to the universe, and how insignificant and petty our problems compare to the work of nature.

Some prefer taking time reasoning, dreaming and imagining. Be positive and go for the best; be calm and peaceful in the face of troubles; be proactive and responsive to everything that comes along; be careful to scrutinize, analyze and solve everything one at a time; be ready to leave some difficult problems until later in time; and learn to submit to God Almighty whenever problems become impossible to solve. Be single minded and single hearted; all will be fine.

Problems abound; it is our daily round of toil; no one can avoid problem for long. How we deal and live with them will determine our outlook and our attitude to life.

The paper boat continues to sail until the wide blue sea, following its own course whenever possible, and continues its dreams.......


Sandy said...

Long ago I read something similar but with regard to lightning one's load. Write your burdens, your worries on a paper boat and let it sail away. It's suppose to make one feel better.
Interesting post.
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Kloggers/Polly said...

I too was taught how to make a paper boat and it was amazing how long it stayed afloat. I passed on how to make a boat to my own children ... I have noticed however that you never seem to see children today making and sailing them - they don't know what they're missing!!