Monday, July 19, 2010

She Lived And Lives It Up

Driving along a weathered road with many potholes and rough surface, entering a cemented parking lot with cracks and debris, I slow drove my vehicle under a spacious canvas shade.

It was still drizzling lightly. It had been raining heavily since very early in the morning.

A cold breeze blew through me as I beheld an old tree with bare twigs and branches in front of me. I noticed the very few clusters of green leaves at its very top.

I recalled an old lady I encountered a day earlier. She was a widow with 2 daughters; her husband had passed away 18 years ago. She was a retired government school teacher but she had not retired from teaching; she continues to give English tuitions for a reasonable fee and sometimes free of charge.

Somehow we need to occupy our time with useful activities and relaxing quiet moment. Retirement does not mean we become a couch potato and become more senile each day.

Passed memories are great but overly distracted and affected by them would only bring along more grief and sorrow. Dwelling in the past sometimes isn’t a great idea.

The old lady related to me her life and happy moments. The ability to enjoy life and live it to the fullest is all that matter, the opportunity to help others is a bonus, and the peace and tranquility to worship God every rest day a blessing from God.

After those hard times and many grief-stricken moments, the children have now grown and she is more able to deal with adverse situations.

The weathered road, the cracked cemented path, the old and barren tree, and the sweet old lady brought along wonderful feelings that warmed my heart and brightened my day.

Life is not bad after all... if you know what I mean.


deejay said...

nice and meaningful post!

shengy said...

mmm..i like it

Don E. Chute said...

It's a good day when your staring at the right side of the grass:>)

Have a wonderful day/week/month...