Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Smoke Over The Town

It was about six in the evening when we finished our jogging exercises.

My wife and I took a short rest, gasping for breath and sweating profusely.

Then we began our return journey, passing through our town.

We were surprised to see thick and dense smoke all over the town.

The two petrol stations in front of the shop lots were covered with white smoke.

The back of a new shop building that has been once burnt down was in thick smoke too.

As I drove along, we were startled by an ambulance moving rapidly towards the building.

We looked around, wondering why no one was alarmed; everyone was busy with their activities.

Then I saw a man carrying and controlling a fogging machine….

Oh, fogging time; there must be dengue cases around the area.

Initially I thought the whole town was on fire; may be because of too much action movie lately.

Anyway, I believed this was the first time fogging was carried out in the town area.

Yet we were scared that the whole town was on fire; we looked at one another and had a nice laugh.

But the fact that dengue cases are getting more widespread these days do give us much worry.

The silent and deadly killer is finally attacking the town.

Hopefully it is not for long.

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