Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Cry

Sometimes we question why life is so hard. Most of the time there is no reply.

We quietly let our tears fall. At first, it is merely droplets. Then it swiftly gathers strength and soon we are sobbing terribly. Our faces scrunched into the most tormented expression. But we are careful to stifle our sobs in case someone may hear.

What we find amazing and amusing is that tears sooth us. Crying becomes a form of relief therapy for us. It comforts us in an unexplainable way. We cry as we are moved. We cry when things get overwhelming. We cry when we feel extremely frustrated. We cry when we miss our dear friends terribly. And we will choose a quiet corner to cry.

After the sobbing sessions, somehow we feel renewed and have a sense of lightness. Things don't seem that bad anymore.

Life continues to be frustrating but it is no more threatening. The obstacles still remained but they don't appear to be as impossible as before. We are still alive and we took it as a sign that we have more to live and to offer.

Our footsteps become lighter and as we walk, we start to count our blessings. We are still alive, strong and healthy. We still have a loving family and we can still enjoy our works and our life happily.

Please remember, no matter how happy or how desperately anxious you are, life still goes on.

So the next time you are really sad and miserable, find some place to cry. It will soon go away and... everything will be okay.


Roz Andrews said...

Very well written - and very true!


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

You are so right, crying really does help us feel better sometimes. So does getting alone and just letting a the loudest scream ever--it releases some tension at least.

bingkee said...

I'm onion-skinned. I cry all the time. :-)

Twilight Zone said...

i cry easily, thats the easiest way to release my tension and all heartaches.

Juliet said...

good post!