Monday, January 26, 2009

When the tide turns against you

Maybe it doesn't matter to you when you turn away sour-faced when someone wants to speak to you.

Maybe it doesn't matter to you to speak so harshly to others after they have wronged you.

Maybe you feel very pleased with yourself when you dominate a situation, and you sneer and curse the one you step on and trample.

Maybe you feel that the world hasn't been fair to you all this while. So you make up your mind to do the same to others.

I feel sorry for you because you don't know what you are doing and what you have missed.

You are so self-righteous. You think you can never make any single mistake. Time will tell how true it is, when the tide turns against you.

You are so arrogant, so imposing and so unforgiving, and you don't even give a second chance to others to make amends. And you are so judgmental in everything you say. Time will tell how bitter you will be, when the tide turns against you.

I wish you are not like that because I can see that your friends are slowly leaving you and avoiding you. You are hurting everyone including yourself. And you seem not to care at all.

I stand from afar and watch. I can see you are lonely. I don't know how to console you. You really have to change your attitude.

We all need to live together in peace, justice, mutual respect and love. We must be more tolerating and kind toward one another.

Come, my friend... Show a little kindness and make this world a better place... for everyone and especially for you.


Stephanie said...

I know that kind of person too and strive not to be one of them... said...

Once I just cannot tolerate this group of people. They are so self-righteous. But today I pity them for they never know what they have lost until their sick bed.