Friday, January 2, 2009

Adapting To Change

A postman was given a task to distribute letters to certain villages in the vicinity. Each day he had to walk along a dusty and muddy route. For most of his journey, the postman was alone. Life was monotonous and the postman was getting more stressful each day.

The postman had an idea. He decided to plant flowers along the way. Each day on the way back from the villages, he spent time sowing flower seeds along the route. It was never an easy task but he was persistent.

The wild flowers started to grow and in due time the route was filled with all sorts of colorful wild flowers.

The postman was getting happier each day and he whistled and sang along. Life was becoming more meaningful each day and he was full of thanksgiving. The postman was getting cheerful and all the villagers he met was greatly influenced. The villagers started to plant flowers...

Sometimes, we need to adapt to change. We must not be burdened by our daily routine. Life is interesting and meaningful if you spend time and effort doing something constructive and beneficial to all, and in no time, everyone around will be influenced by your good works.

May the New Year 2009 brings good tidings to us all.


Mom said...

Sometimes we need to BE the change. The postman here did not adapt. He took steps to change his view by planting those flowers. He was proactive in creating a change that allowed him to feel that he had some meaning and some purpose in his life.

Often when one person changes, those around him can not help but follow suit and be influenced by that person's changes.

The Fitness Diva said...

I would just like to wish you a Happy New Year!

All the best to you in 2009!

The Fitness Diva

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jenaisle said...

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Laura-Whateverebay said...

Love it! A single individual can make a difference. This is a great story to post and to print the image to display. Thank you for sharing this. :) Now, I am off to color my world!

Twilight Zone said...

very inspirational, thanx for dropping by, i discovered such nice site like yours.