Saturday, January 10, 2009

She Is My Mom

She was a typical chinese lady who kept all the chinese customs, traditions and rituals well.

Though she was illiterate, she had a good memory of everything she learned or knew, and could share with us all the things we needed to know or understand.

She married early and had 7 sons and 6 daughters.

Her husband passed away more than 30 years ago. Ever since, she alone had raised up all her children, until her older children could play the supporting roles.

She had all her children in her heart and mind. She always went on a long journey, worshiped and prayed in any temple, just for her sick child and the well-being of her family.

She gave up everything she had for her family. She played a major role to settle any dispute among her children, sometimes even to the stage of begging and crying. She wanted to keep her family united and strong.

She started to enjoy the fruits of her labor 20 years ago. All her children and grandchildren had prospered in all walks of life. Since then, she traveled a lot merely to visit them and to take care of them. Though at times they started to grumble at her interfering, she would just smile and would continue to play her role quietly.

She never forgot her children's and grandchildren's birthdays. To her, it's very important to remember to celebrate one's birthday and all other important days. She always reminded them wherever they were.

Few months ago, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Since then, a few of us who have believed in Christ started to share with her more often than before the love of God the Father and the plan of salvation through Christ.

God touches her heart and she quickly repented of her sins. She declared to all of us that she is now a child of God and she would no longer involved herself in any ancestor worship and temple worship. She had found a new lease of life and had started to worship and enjoy God.

She was ready to meet with the Lord. She loved to listen to christian songs and hymns, and she always hummed along. She told us that she had freed herself from the worries and cares of life; she had learned to take things one at a time. We are very happy to see her transformation. Mom, wait for us in heaven, we wouldn't be long; this world is not ours to stay on forever.

She died in the hospital few hours after saying goodbye to most of her children, living to a ripe old age of 80. She died peacefully after hugging and patting her daughter-in-law on her back and nodding her head, seeming to thank her for taking good care of her.

The funeral was on the third day after all the family members, friends and relatives had come and pay their last respects. Apparently, Mom was very kind and loving in her lifetime to everyone; many mourned and wept for her. We decided to go round her coffin 7 times and poured out all our thoughts and feelings about her. It was a painful and sorrowful hour but eventually everyone settled down to begin the burial ceremony. We prayed to God for fine weather and that all things be done properly to honor Mom. The Almighty God is great in taking care of us and all of our needs. Everything was done well and the weather was just fine and cool.

We had taken many photos with our Mom so that we will remember her always. We had taken pictures of all those who had come to pay their last respects so that we will remember to thank them. We had all the pictures sorted out and developed into DVD photo slideshow, syncing with beautiful christian hymns and songs so that we can distribute to all to watch and sing along while recognizing and remembering the tender loving care of our Mom.

Mom is indeed a very special lady to me, my family members, my relatives and friends. And she continues to be precious to all of us. I guess we only start to miss or to treasure our loved ones when they are on the verge of leaving. We just can't let them go. But God knows the best, and He doesn't want to see her suffer any longer. Mom, God loves you more than all of us put together.

Mom, we miss you, we adore you and we honor you.

You are always in our hearts and minds, but we know you are happier there with the Lord.

O Lord, take good care of our Mom. O Lord, take good care of all of us that we may be with our mother in heaven... Amen.


Jade said...

Thanks for sharing the inspirational recount, its goes to the heart's core.

Today could use some more old fashion motherness.

Twilight Zone said...

Oh, thanx for sharing this, very moving and very inspirational and Im thanking God and really appreciate that my Mom are still with us, if not taking care of us anymore, just be there to guide us and to remind us all the good things she thought us since we were small.
thank you, and thank you very much for dropping by and leaving your footprints in my site.

Lotus Flower said...

My deepest and sincerest condolences. I think your Mom was one remarkable person.

Mom said...

I have to agree with Jade. Old Fashioned Mothering could cure a great many of this world's ills.

Your post is a blessing to many people who have lost their mother, either through death or through the paths that life may take them.

I hope you find peace in this time of heartache.

Leon said...

Seems like your mother lived a wonderful lie. May she rest in peace.

JMom said...

Thank you for sharing your story. We just lost my grandmother and she was an old fashioned mom too. They are becoming rarer and harder to find. So lucky are we who have benefited from such mothering.

More blessings to your family and may your mom rest in peace.

Jan from BetterSpines said...

So sorry for your loss. You wrote beautifully about your mom's life, thank you for sharing that with us.

The_Light's_Herald said...

wow, this is a very dramatic post. i sympathize with your loss. God bless the days ahead of you.

sweetytots said...

condolence to you and your family.. said...

Thanks very much for all your love and concern. They really touch my heart.
Thanks also to all the mothers of the world who always have their children in their hearts and have given them a home full of tender loving care. May God bless you all.