Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Baby Cries?

Some of us can understand why baby cries. They can readily tell us that:

Babies cry because they are hungry. Let them keep eating if they want to. They will stop crying once their stomachs are full.

Babies cry because they need fresh diapers.

Babies cry because they are either too hot or too cold. They will stop crying when they feel comfortably clothed.

Babies cry because they want to be held. They like to see familiar faces, hear their voices, and listen to their heartbeats, and maybe their unique smell.

Babies cry because they are overstimulated and too tired to take it anymore.

Babies cry because they do not feel good. They need to be taken to the doctor.

But sometimes babies just cry and cry for no apparent reasons.

What do you think.... why babies cry?


Mom said...

It does not take long for a new mom to learn her baby's cries and what each one means. Babies cry for many different reasons. There are also many different thoughts on how to respond to a baby who is crying. Personally, I prefer the immediate response when they are young. Older children - over the age of 1 - do not always require an immediate response.

sheila said...

Baby's cry because that is the only way they can express themselves. said...

I was once annoyed by baby cries. Then I yearned to help every time I hear baby cries. But I have missed it now since all my babies have grown up.